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    發布時間:2011-9-25 0:00:00

    Bahrain Right Banner of building industry in the supervision and inspection of measuring instruments
    Enter September, construction into the final stage of completion, to ensure the quality of the project, recently, Inner Mongolia Quality Supervision Bureau of Bahrain region from security concerns, the people's livelihood metric metric proceed with, carried out on the construction industry to using metrological implement supervision and inspection.
    The action of construction site 11 inspection, supervision and inspection of concrete batching control system, theodolite, level, tower ruler, engineering detection ruler, rebound tester, steel tape measure, weighing apparatus, multimeter, grounding resistance meter, calipers with 179 measuring instruments. Inspection found 143 sets of measuring instruments without verification or exceed the test cycle, accounted for 80% of the total number of measurement instruments in use, there is great potential safety hazard.
    Law enforcement officers for the inspection found problems patiently to the building and site person in charge to explain, at the same time to publicize laws and regulations related to measurement, without verification or exceed the test cycle measurement apparatus using the unit issued a rectification notice, the construction site is equipped with and using the metrological verification of measuring instruments, according to the cycle of metrological verification, supervise and guide the enterprises to establish a gage list. Law enforcement officers are also on site installation of water, electricity, gas meter verification carried out an inspection, to ensure accurate value.

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